Principles of Life seminars

I am a figurative sculptor. The statue is a haptic experience for me, I need to touch the topic that I want to pursue, to materialize it and feel more fibers about that. I touch both in the physical world of matter, and in the interior, where the fingers and get a spatula can’t get. I learn a lot how to get there from author of Principles of Life – Helena Vertelmanová, and her husband Jacobus Vertelman.

I’m touching the world which is hidden for me and I’m discovering what I can find there. Then I again try to process the mass of sculpture and I find a lot of interesting things. I am experiencing what it is like not to close to the world, but rather be open to discussion. I am figuring out that what I catch in statues are topics important for me, things which are related to my own story. I feel that people react differently to my statues, that my work raises the feelings in them associated with their own stories. I feel in that process alive and contemplative. And I want to cry in my world, but want to examine it and figure out what can be done with it.

To better understand what Helena was teaching in her philosophy, I’m offering basic training seminars of the “Principles of life” in my atelier. Seminars follow each other and establish a way to gradually get to one’s hidden desires, conflicts and other information. And how does a life can look like from different perspective which is not available everyday.

In case you are interested in these seminars do not hesitate to contact me. You can also find further information about the seminars on the website of Principy života (Principles of Life)