Exhibition Sculptors of Mánes

In its modern history, KC Průhon presents artists from various fields. Whether photography, sculpture, but most often fine art. The current Sculptor Mánes exhibition is a challenge not only in terms of space, but also in its scope.

The exhibition runs from the beginning of June to the end of October 2020 at the Průhon Cultural Center in Prague’s Řepy and is also accessible in a 3D virtual tour at:

This year it is 200 years since the great artist Josef Mánes was born, whose name the Association of Fine Artists Mánes bears. Beets are very close to the Mánes Association. Several streets are named after the artists working in this association. Makovského, Laudova, Zrzavého, Španielova and many others. The exhibition itself is in Socháňova Street.

More information about the exhibition can be found at: (available in Czech only)

We look forward to your visit.

Statue Dream

Statue Dream has a strong story for me. I brought the stone for this statue from Carrara in Italy some fifteen years ago. After a few years, I began to work on this statue, cutting out my dream of that time – the family – but I did not finish my work.

Then I got married, divorced, married again, started a family, and created a place to work with the stone. Only then I could complete this statue.

I also realized how much I love working with Carrara marble, how beautiful it is for me.

St. Barbara monument

18th of May 2019 the monument of St. Barbara was revealed on Masarykovo náměstí in Jaroměř – Josefov.

Barbora Chládková is author of the sculpture, but few other craftmen participated. Namely stone carver Hynek Shejbal, who prepared the plinth and cut out rough shape of the statue by model.