Installation of sculptures in Confectionery Pudilovi in the Slaný

In September 2023, we installed two new sculptures in Cukrářství Pudilovi in the Slaný. Both statues are cast in bronze. The seated female nude is permanently in the confectionery. Swing is freely for sale. Both sculptures are accompanied by a verse by Hedvika Vertelmanová.


There lives a soul in human body,
shines through every crack and tear,
carve every dream and loss in your skin –
for true beauty will remain.



Lover mine, please hold me close,
do not loosen your grasp,
you are all that I will know
when today ends and tomorrow comes.


This year I finished my chamber sculpture Swing. I had the sculpture cast in bronze and it is freely available for sale. The work includes a verse by Hedvika Vertelmanová. Verse is in Czech, loosely translated as follows.

Hold me, my beloved one,
within your ardent embrace,
hold me fast, stand by,
when everything reverse

First Kiss

The first kiss is for me the connection of two completely different beings who have a taste for putting things together. It is about rearranging one’s life step by step, seeking how to unite such diverse perspectives on the world into an alliance that harmonizes and mutually supports each other based on their differences.

The first kiss is a sculpture I created for a wedding venue. The statue is cast in bronze and accompanies the newlyweds to the altar.

Verse for the scuplture was composed by Hedvika Vertelmanová.

První polibek

“Dnešní den nás láska spojí”
srdce zvonu zpívá;
“Navždy budeš láskou mojí,
dokud dech v nás zbývá.”


The Dream is a sculpture that tells the story of my dream. Not insisting on how things should be, but allowing oneself to be carried by life and influenced in ways that wouldn’t have occurred to me. Being able to let go of all entrenched ideas about how things should be and how they should work. And letting life flow into completely different channels.

The verse for the sculpture was composed by Hedvika Vertelmanová.


Rozcestí spojuje cesty,
v lůně se rodí křídla;
okusit víru od nevěsty-
v sebe a co čas skrývá.

Exhibition Sculptors of Mánes

In its modern history, KC Průhon presents artists from various fields. Whether photography, sculpture, but most often fine art. The current Sculptor Mánes exhibition is a challenge not only in terms of space, but also in its scope.

The exhibition runs from the beginning of June to the end of October 2020 at the Průhon Cultural Center in Prague’s Řepy and is also accessible in a 3D virtual tour at:

This year it is 200 years since the great artist Josef Mánes was born, whose name the Association of Fine Artists Mánes bears. Beets are very close to the Mánes Association. Several streets are named after the artists working in this association. Makovského, Laudova, Zrzavého, Španielova and many others. The exhibition itself is in Socháňova Street.

More information about the exhibition can be found at: (available in Czech only)

We look forward to your visit.