Scupltures are part of a home

Each sculpture needs to find its own place for living. It’s necessary to place it in the space properly. To find a place it will fit in, where it will flourish and support the place spirit.

From my perspective, sculptures belong to home. They shape the atmosphere of the place and support the feeling of safety. All of this can be further improved by adequate lighting so that the sculpture outlines will step out and the sculpture becomes something indispensable for the household. Sculptures are original three-dimensional artifacts which make an intimate space from your household you just can’t find anywhere else.

If you want to support your household by one of my sculptures or paintings, or to have it made for order,  don’t hesitate to contact me at

Exhibition in Galerie Deset – Waldesovo muzeum

Exhibition Andělé a démoni (Angels and deamons) was opened in v Galery Deset – Waldesovo muzeum on Thursday November 3rd, 2016 by Spolek pražských výtvarných umělců and guests. The exhibition will be open until November 19. Sculpture Chceme ale neměli bychom (We want but we shouldn’t) created by Barbora Chládková is part of the exhibition.

You can find Galerie Deset near Čechovo náměstí in Prague.

Výstava Andělé a démoni - socha Chceme ale neměli bychom
Chceme ale neměli bychom (We want but we shouldn’t)