Consultation „What is Your statue saying about You?“

Come to take a look with me at your problems in relationships differently. Sculpt them from clay. You will see that if you give problems a form you will know how to solve them. From my experience I realized that it is not necessary that the person would know how to sculpt, but to form and to materialize feelings anyone can do. The only thing we need is courage and determination to look at our own life.

Who can use these consultations

My consultations are right for those who want to look how they really function. People can sculpt their relationship into anything – people, money, work, hobbies, even their own life.. The reason to visit can have many forms, from every day misunderstandings to serious problems with trust. I have the best experiences with married couples and full families. Problematic routines between partners will make themselves known on both sides. It is interesting to hear as well to see the point of view from both sides. Through this kind of work it is easily revealed what can not be grasped in everyday life. If whole family is here it is possible to notice these mechanisms between each family member which is optimal for finding the best solution.

How consultations take place

My work with people is built around the clients own creation. Everyone creates with their own hands, what they feel in the relationships. In the beginning of consultation there is ongoing conversation where i find out why the person came to me. After collecting information we name together what would be the most useful to sculpt, and then we start creating. When the sculpture is finished we talk about connections between statute and the client. How far we go (what lengths) depends only on the client. Consultations are based on the client sculpting only what bothers him. Already the creation of sculpture helps the client to look at the „problem“ from a different angle. I like good atmosphere during the conversation. I want the people to relax and feel safe in my studio. The main difference from normal consultation (for example at psychologist) is that the client is physically active in solving problems. His clay formation is a building block. From the statue, I can more easily read what is going on in the person and what he is experiencing so I can get to the principle of the problem better. From my point of view is important that people are not only telling me their story but they also express it in clay and put their feelings into form. From all this we can more easily see and put together a lot of interesting information, connections, and views on given situations.

Price for consultation 800 Kč/ for 1,5h

translated by Sona Whitener