What Does Your Statue Tell About You?

Try to look at your relationship problems with me differently. Model them out of clay. You will see that if you give form to problems, you will figure out how to solve them. I have learned from my experience that we do not need to be able to model, but that we can all create and materialize feelings. All we need is courage and determination to look at our lives.

Who is the consultation for?

My consultations are suitable for those who want to see how they really work. Everyone can model their relationship to anything – people, money, work, hobbies and their lives. There can be many reasons to visit me, from everyday misunderstandings to serious confidence problems. I have the best experience with married couples and whole families. The problematic stereotypes on both sides will be well visible among the partners. It is interesting to hear a view of the situation from both sides and then to see this situation modeled from each pair separately. Such work can easily reveal what is not graspable in everyday life. If there is a whole family, these mechanisms can be seen in all family members, which is optimal because the best solution is then sought.

How the consultation proceeds

My work with people is based on client’s own work. Everyone models their own relationships with their own hands. At the beginning of the consultation, there is an interview to find out why the client came to me. After that, we will name together what will be most beneficial to model and you begin to create out of clay. When your model is finished, we talk about the connection between the statue and their own life. As far as we go, to what depth, it depends entirely on the client. The consultation is based on the fact that the client will model what is bothering him. The very creation of the statue allows him to look at the “problem” from another side. I like to have a pleasant atmosphere when talking, I want people to relax and feel safe. The main difference from classical consultation, for example with a psychologist, is that the client himself is a physically active part of the problem solution. His creation of clay is a building block. I can then read from the statue more easily what is happening in the person and what exactly he / she experiences and so I can better get to the nature of the problem. From my point of view, it is important that people not only tell me their story, but that they express it in the dirt and imprint their feelings into matter. It is then possible to compose a lot of interesting information, context and views on the situation.

Price of the consultation

  • One person – 1000 CZK / 90 minutes
  • Couple – 1,500 CZK / 120 minutes
  • Family (3-4 persons) – 2100 CZK / 180 minutes

Phone consultation

You can also look at your relationships with me during a phone or Skype consultation.
The consultation price is 600 CZK per hour.